Paper Like Screen Protector Film For iPad,Paperfeel Screen Protector for iPad Air 4 / iPad Pro 11

$49.95 $157.95

Paper Like Screen Protector Film For iPad

Easy Paper Like Screen Protector

Can be Paper Like Screen Protector and painted as

Real touch turns the screen into paper

When Apple Pencil is paired with a new type of paper film

Easy to stick, zero bubbles

Magnetic adsorption, repeated installation with zero bubbles
A paper-like film that can be applied by novices

Disassemble while watching the video

Lossless definition, enjoy the comfort of a bare screen

Install when drawing and writing

Enhance the touch of painting, and write without slipping


Special bump process,reduce fingerprints and resist dirt.

High flexibility, scratch-resistant

Multi-layer process protection, durable and scratch-resistant

Magnetic detachable PK adhesive detachable

Using Methods

  • 1. Clean the screen to remove dust.
    2. Tear off one end of the protective film and align the protective film with the iPad screen.
    3. Attach after confirming the position.
    4. Tear off another layer of film on the surface to finish.
Package Contents
  • Ipad Magnetic Paper Film × 1

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