Super Console X PRO,More Than 50,000 Classic Games, Easy to Download, Support Online Tv and Movies

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Relive Your Most Memorable Childhood Gaming Memories On Just ONE Console ! 

Over 50,000 built-in games, you can relive those amazing childhood memories of you and your mates spending endless nights gaming whiling smashing pizza and chugging down soda.

You can save your games levels, and also you can add your favorites games to one page  .

"One Of The Best Retro Game Consoles Ever!"



  • 50+ Emulators 🕹️
  • You can save your games levels .
  • Game Genie - Game Shark works with our console.
  • Over 50,000 Classic Games 👾 - Enough games to last you a lifetime! Relive your old favorites or discover games you never had the chance to play. 
  • Super Easy To Set Up 🔌 - Simply plug and play. Start playing in a matter of minutes. 
  • Easily Download & Install Your Own Games ⬇️ - Can't find the game you're looking for? It's quick and easy to download and install your own games.
  • Compatible Up To 4 Players* 🎮 - The Super Console X supports up to 4 players using the provided controllers or your own USB, 2.4G or Bluetooth Controllers. *4 players compatible with external USB hub.
  • Full HD Retro Gaming 📺 - Experience your favorite retro games like never before with 720p/1080p HDMI compatibility.
  • Support online TV and MOVIES , support downloading applications and more.



Multilingual : English, Français, Español ...

You can save your games levels .

CPU: 64 bit 4 core

Controllers : Wireless 2.4G ( Reach 10 meters = 32 feet )


Chip: S905M

OS: Linux

Network: WiFi/Lan

Memory: 64GB - 128GB  to 256GB

Size: 10cm * 10cm * 2.2cm

Weight: 106g



MUST HAVE console for every 80s or 90s kid! Bring back and relive those amazing childhood memories today!

Please don’t update the system, the console is already in the last update .


    Can you save progress on the games?

    Yes, you can save games as you normally would playing on their original consoles.

    Does it have a Game Genie or Game Shark?

    Yes , you can use it .

    Will this work in my country?

    Yes! The console works worldwide. 

    How to get back to the menu , and switch from one game to another one  ?

    Please : Press start + select , for two times, Press twice in a row .

    What's the different between 30.000 games and 40.000, 50000 games systems ?

    The different between the 3 Options is : Extra +10.000 Games , Most of these extra 10000 games is really amazing games , and also the 40000 and 50000 games is include 128, 256 Gb SD CARD , so more space to add more games . 

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