Electric Dog Training Collar Waterproof Rechargeable 1000m Remote Control Shock, Personalized Voice Command, Safety Key Lock


Electric Dog Training Collar 1000 m Waterproof Rechargeable Remote Control Shock Sound Beep Warning Pet Recording Collar with LCD

4 Training Modes Dog Training Collar-Slope Hill electronic vibration collar with recording, vibration, shock and buzzer modes to help you teach your dog to obey commands and solve uncontrollable dog behavior problems.

Personalized voice commands - The receiver's RCE-1 and RCE-2 recording buttons can record 4-second voice commands. You can record your own voice, such as "mute", "hold", when you press the play button, the receiver will play it back.

Safety key lock-an accidental bounce will no longer happen, the safety key lock can prevent any wrong operation of the remote control. You can use this button to lock the LCD screen, or only want to use the buzzer, recording or vibration mode to turn off the vibration generating function.

3 channels maximum control and adjustable static level, suitable for all sizes of dogs-Slope Hill dog training collar supports only 3 dog training, you can control all receivers, and send the same command from the same remote control at the same time. Adjustable static level, you can choose the exact static level for your dog. Suitable for dogs of all sizes (15 lb~100 lb).

After use, the unit will stop for about 2 minutes to enter sleep mode. It can be turned on again after 12 hours by simply pressing the remote control (tested by the seller),

The product has 4 link receiver channels, (CH1.CH2.CH3) is a single channel for paired receivers, and the (CHA) channel can control three receivers simultaneously to enter working state at the same time.

It has a long life with rechargeable batteries, remote control and receiver, the USB charging cable included in the package can be used to charge at the same time. After 2 hours of full charge, the dog shock collar can work for 15-20 days.


Training modes: beep/vibration/static shock/recording.

Training up to 3 dogs

Range: 500 meters with obstacles

Waterproof receiver collar (IP65).

Power saving design with auto sleep mode

Rechargeable, charging cable with dual ports, simultaneous charging.

3 Training Mode+Recording


● 100 intensity levels of Vibration

● 100 intensity levels of Static Shock

● Recording

The recording and playback function has been added to the traditional three training functions. This is a very practical training function. Users can play instructions during the training process to make the training work faster and more effective. It can also add a lot of fun to match the actual situation, so that the dog training device adds interactivity from the training tool.

Adjustable Collar Size

The length of the strap is 16CM~67CM.

It is suitable for the dog form 5 kg~50 kg.



- Input: 100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz

- Output: 5V, 0.5A

- Transmitter battery voltage: 3.7V

- Receiver waterproof level: IP67

- Battery type: lithium-ion battery

- Transmitter charging time: 4 hours

- Transmitter standby time: about a week

- Receiver charging time: 4 hours

- Receiver standby time: about a week

Applicable Dog Breed: Large Dog, Medium-sized Dog, Small Dog

1 :Signal Reception

2 :sensor indicator light

3 :Reminder ringtone

4:Power regulation

5:Three corresponding receiving channel functions

6:Three speed functions lock/work/turnoff electric shock

7:Power on vibrate button

8:shock button

9:Recording 1

10:Recording 2

11:charging port

12:Record Button

13:lndicator Light


15:Contact points

16;Charging port

Long press the receiver recording function 1, and there will be a beep in about two seconds. At this time, the recording starts. You can say the command you want to record. After four seconds, you can make two beeps to indicate the end of the recording. Press the recording 1 receiver on the remote control. It will send out the input command, and you can record two commands separately. The sound level of the recording depends on the voice of the recorded speech. If you want to change the command, the operation is still the same.

The remote control has three channels, which correspond to the paired receivers. Only if the corresponding channel is switched, the receiver will not work. Please keep in mind.

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