360° Rotation Smart Selfie Stick, Smart Following Shooting Robot Cameraman, Newest Auto Face Tracking Object Tracking Holder

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Are You A Video Creator? 

Are you one of those active content creators on the internet? Who loves taking their own videos, showing your talents, or just simply taking a video call with your family? Except that you're having trouble most of the time with just two hands while you do things and show it on the video. That's where our 360 Rotation Face tracking Selfie Stick comes in handy. 

Purifywand Auto Tracking Phone Mount – PurifyWand

Our 360 Rotation Face tracking Selfie Stick is Lot More Than Just A Selfie Stick!

This portable Face Tracking  Selfie Stick is a next-generation gimbal featuring a built-in ultra-wide-angle camera and AI algorithm driven by a dual-core CPU dedicated to track your every moment and keep you in the frame. You can truly go hands-free without any app restrictions.

Smart Phone Tripod with Motion Sensor Baseus 360 AI Following Shot Tripod Head White

AI TRACKING: Auto recognizes and tracks your face or body as you move in front of the Face Tracking Cell Phone Stand Desktop Phone Holder. Go fully hands-free on video calls and live to stream

✅ FREELY 360 ROTATION: No need to set up the cell phone holder for the desk at a special angle in advance. 360 degrees automatic rotation to track and shoot real-time objects, it will automatically rotate with you as you move, it's more flexible than a fixed stand, you can adjust the view angle easily. 

✅ TRIPOD COMPATIBILITY: comes with a standard 1/4" screw thread at the bottom that enables you to mount it to your tripod and adjust its angle and height to easily capture your desired results.

Baseus 360 ° AI intelligens követő állványfej White

✅ HANDS-FREE SHOOTING: Stick a pose and control your phone to take photos automatically. With the 3 second self-timer, you can pick up a phone yourself at a party or while traveling.


  • Communication: Bluetooth
  • Wireless version: 5.0
  • Applicable width of phones: 56-87mm
  • Size of tripod heads : bottom diameter 95mm, height 175mm
  • Applicable live streaming software : For Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / Tiktok / Twitter / Snapchat
  • Mechanical angle 3: 37 ° longitudinal downward rotation
  • Power supply : 3 * AA alkaline battery (1.5V)

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