5 in 1 Electric Knee Compression Massager,Rapid Heating and Compression within 10 Seconds, Red Light Laser Treatment

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Electric Knee Compression Massager

When you have joint swelling or just extreme pain in the knee, elbows, or shoulder, this Smart Electric Knee Massager is perfect for you. Packed with all the cutting-edge technology available on the market, it utilizes the TENS technology, heat + infrared light therapy, and 3D Air Bag vibration massage to give your knee a deep tissue massage and a hot bath to soothe the pain. 

The TENS technology is a reliable method of instant pain relief as proven in clinical studies. Together with the heating function and airbag massage, it not only relaxes tense and sore muscles but also stimulates blood flow and improves circulation. Indulge yourself and elevates the standards of massager to the highest level.

According to the arthritis foundation, people with arthritis who experience chronic symptoms may consider using massage therapy regularly. Even daily use of self-massage, to help manage their pain and stiffness, or to promote better sleep that can, in turn, relieve pain in muscles and joints. A massage is an ancient form of pain and stress relief practiced by most worldwide cultures.

5 in 1 Electric Knee Compression Massager



Fully wrapped Airbag compression massage, typically used in the massage chair is introduced into this massager. It can provide a compression massage that is different than kneading, rolling, or tapping. The side airbags stimulate the joint area in a wave-like motion by rapidly inflating and deflating which enhances blood circulation, loosens up muscle tension.


The heat function of the massager penetrates deeply into the joints to provide a soothing experience for stiff and sore muscles at 3 different temperature settings of 45°C,55°C,65°C, which has been shown to increase the flow of oxygen to the muscles, helping to relieve discomfort and soothe soreness.


20 red light heads emit a safe and concentrated dose of natural light, which can penetrate below the skin layer to help with cell regeneration and healing. It reduces joint inflammation and relieves pain, allowing people to harness the benefits of the sun, without being exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays.


Electrode pads can be connected to the massager to treat other painful areas at the same time. It sends low-frequency nerve-stimulating pulses to directly hit the pain points and provide drug-free pain relief.


Various vibrating frequencies defaulted to make the stiff joints and muscles get comfortable relaxed in a warm and vibrating massage. You can turn it on/off with the vibration switch.


The unique shape is designed to cover the whole joint zone. It can also be for different body parts, including the knees, shoulders,  elbow, etc.



  • Powerful Heat & Red Light Therapy Keep knee warm in 10 seconds, stimulate blood circulation, reduce arthritis pain and joint inflammation
  • Effective Massage Built-in vibration motor and 3D air bags wrap to relieve tension in tendons and muscles
  • TENS therapy Instant pain relief with 26 intensity levels
  • Ergonomic Design Covering the whole joint zone, you can also use only vibration, 3D airbag, or TENS.
  • Multi-use for Different Body Part Including knee, shoulder and elbow, etc.
  • Portable & Long Battery Life Rechargeable 2200 mAH built-in lithium battery, last up to 120 mins
  • Temperature Control 3 heat modes available - Low(45), Mid(55), High(65), you can choose as needed to solve your knee discomfort.
  • Timing 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes time settings.


  • Joint pains associated with overexertion, strains, and sprains.
  • Pains associated with arthritis, meniscus, osteoarthritis, bursitis, ACL PCL MCL tear, etc.
  • Feel of pain during walking on stairs or moving the joint.
  • Extreme pain at the joint during climate change or cloudy weather (at low pressure).
  • Frequent sense of discomfort at the joint or lack of flexibility.
  • Joint swelling or rigidity in the afternoon or night after body movement.


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