Baby Portable Bath Tub Pad,Ammonia Fabric + Sandwich Fabric, Leak-proof Interlayer, 3d Mesh, Suitable Age 0-1 Years Old

$29.99 $38.99

Everyone knows that when they want to bathe their baby, it's not easy!  

The baby can slip out of your hands, it's not comfortable for the newborn, your baby is not having fun.

Well, not anymore! With the Portable Baby Bath Tub Pad, you can bathe your baby safely and comfortably!

Never be afraid to give your baby a bath again!



Ammonia Fabric + Sandwich Fabric

Filler: Styrofoam EPS Particles

Size:56 cmx40 cm 

Color:Pink Blue 

Age: 0-1 years old


● Skin-friendly fabric, leak-proof interlayer, 3D mesh cloth

● No angular design, imitating the mother's warm uterus, giving a sense of security

● Baby's bathing deity

● Protect the spine

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