Portable Dog Water Bottle, Leak Proof Portable Puppy Water Dispenser with Drinking Feeder


When you are out conquering the great outdoors with your dog, you may never find a source of fresh drinking water. Get our Portable Dog Water Bottle and make sure your best friend always has access to drinking water wherever you are!

Our Portable Dog Water Bottle can carry 300ml of water. It is equipped with an extendable trough that makes it a perfect tool to conveniently hydrate your dog with minimal waste and mess when travelling. Its portable size hardly takes up any space in your backpack and the simple locking mechanism and silicone seal prevents leakage and allows you to moderate the release of water for your dog.

How To Use:

Just simply fill the food grade PC bottle with fresh cold water and screw the coloured attachment on. Stop the bottle from leaking via the lock key button. When you are ready to use, press and hold the button as seen on the image below and the water will filter through into the cup ready for your dog to stay hydrated.


  • CONVENIENT SIZING-Water Bottle is small . compact . and lightweight with enough room to hold water!
  • LEAKAGE PREVENTION MECHANISM-Water Bottle contains a waterproof lock designed to prevent leaks. No need to worry about water spills!
  • TRAVEL NECESSITY-Taking a road trip with your fur friend? The Water Bottle fits perfectly in all standard sized cup holders . so you can keep your pet hydrated on and off the road!
  • Safe and non-toxic materials-Foldable cap made of 100% food-grade silicone .eco-friendly construction
  • Detachable top for easy cleaning


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