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Feet Massage Sipper

Feet massage slippers are a unique home stimulator designed for point impact on the reflex zones of the human feet. Despite its simple design, the massager in the form of slippers can improve blood circulation not only to the feet and legs, but also to other parts of the body, and doing so can contribute to the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of pain-related problems.

Using acupressure to target specific body parts and organs energy zones:

Feet massager can increase blood flow and oxygen through the reflex of the nervous system, boosting energy, and health benefits throughout your body...

Check out the reflexology map below to find out which areas of your body these shoes can help:

Similar to manual massage, orthopedic slippers affect acupressure, which can contribute to solving problems like:


  •  With the elimination of swelling and feelings of fatigue in the legs;
  •  Soothe joint and back problems;
  •  Removing of muscle spasms and improvement of muscle tone;
  •  Perfect to help relieve Plantar Fasciitis;
  •  Improve the elasticity of ligaments and joint mobility;
  •  To normalize the functioning of the nervous system and internal organs;
  •  Improve digestion and your mood.

Using them for a few minutes at home can produce great results. Or, if you are in great pain for having to stand for long hours, you can try wearing them for longer periods of time.


  • Item Type: Massage Slippers
  • Material: EVA, Wood
  • Color: As Picture Shows
  • Type: Rotating Eight Diagrams, Rotating Dots (Optional)
  • Package Weight: Approx. 396-477g
  • Size: 38-39 , 40-41 , 42-43

Package Include:

  • 1 Pair of Massage Slippers


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