Galaxy Starry Light Projector, New Fi 10 Color Music Starry Light Projector with Remote & Bluetooth, Galaxy Star Projector Night Light

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Galaxy Starry Light Projector

Bring the night sky indoors and explore outer space from the comfort of home with the Galaxy Starry Light Projector. A futuristic projector that fills your space with mesmerizing lights and visuals. Once the beam of light leaves the matrix and strikes a surface, you’ll be immersed in an alternate universe of constellations, nebulae, and crashing ocean waves. 

Easily connected to any smartphone the the Smart Life app. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Home devices


2 DIFFERENT MODES: You can manually turn on the projector by hand or you can wirelessly control the projector through your mobile phone! The smart app allows you to take full control of the Galaxy Projector. Unlimited color options with an RGB dial, ability to control the rotation speed, set timers and schedules and so much more. 

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Projector with flash in response to the change of rhythm from any external sounds. The device is vision friendly and is light on your eyes for those with sensitive eyes. Set up automations and shortcuts through your smartphone and smart devices.

TIMING FUNCTION: Freely set the time according to your needs on the app. You can set to the time left for the lamp or schedule the light to be turned on at specific times.

MULTIPLE VIEWS: With 360 degree angle view range, unlimited RGB color schemes, and 3 different constellation presets (Starry Sky, Nebula, Moonlight), completely customize how you want your room to look exactly to your preference.


  • Projected Distance 2-10m
  • Material: ABS Engineered Plastic
  • Power: Built in Rechargeable 2200mAh Battery
  • WiFi Requirement: 2.4gHz


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