High pressure & lighweight Garden Hose, Lightweight Water Garden Hose Solid Brass Connectors & Durable 3-Layers Latex

$29.97 $59.98

 Are you looking for a lightweight  & high-pressure hose for your garden?

Our Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose takes your work in the garden to the next level. It gives you more comfort and more options of draining your garden, washing your car, flashing snow, or showering your pet ...

Advantages of our High-pressure Garden Hose:

Strong and easy to hold: Our nozzle is made from 100% metal, to prevent rust, corrosion, and wear. We added an ergonomically designed handler with a buckle that makes the nozzle very comfortable to use during hours.

Automatically expandablethe length of the hose is expandable to three times its original length.  After turning on the water, the hose will be automatically expendable to 25 feet (7,5 meters). When you turned off the water, the hose will return to its original measurement of 9 feet (2,5 meters).

Easy storage & mobility: Thanks to its lightweight, you can take it easily wherever you go. It will not kink or tangle and it is comfortable and easy to use.

Premium quality material: our horse is made from high-quality material to make its use more durable.  It is made from three layers of latex inner tube.

Adjustable spraying mode: it offers six watering patterns to meet all your needs. You can choose from fine mist, moderate spray or jet stream, and other patterns by rotating the head of the hose nozzle from left to right. 


Our package includes:

  • One Garden Hose 25 feet
  • One metallic Spray Gun
  • A copper universal hose connectors.

Some helpful tips for longer use:

  • Drain out the remaining water from the hose when you finish working with it, 
  • Do not run hot water in the hose,
  • Store the hose indoors.



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