Led Lighting Pool Underwater Waterproof For Night Swimming Multicolor Lights



  • Newest Waterproof Submersible LED Lights : Submersible LED lights is 100% Ture IP68 WaterProof, major point is our double sealing ring protect the light on the outside so it will protect the inside better from getting damp and mouldy. We have 4 suction cups, We also has 1* 5000 Gauss Magnet to increase even more suction. The 4 suction cups are made out of silica gel which makes our product much more durable. Works well in both Wet or Dry Places.
  • Battery and RF Remote : Super bright led submersible powered by 3 x AA batteries (20-120 Hours Battery Operated LifeSpan). There are Dynamic Modes and Timer Modes of the RF Remote. (Note: The pool water will absorb some signals. The suitable distance range we recommend is 6.6-100ft.
  • 16 Static Colors, Timer Mode and Dynamic Mode : TUiREL 16 colors submersible led pool lights have unique 13 color changing beads which will enhance the brightness in a significance level when compare to other submersible lights and enchanting lighting effect to their surroundings.
  • Where to Use : The shell of the pool lights for inground pool is very falt and smooth which will reflects the light perfectly. The scaly side edge makes the submersible light itself be adornment. it will creates more romantic atmosphere at wherever you need, such as Pond, Fish tank, Trailer Lights, Waterfall, Hot Tub, Hallway, Garage, Wedding, Event, Party as Decor Lighter Night Light Indoor and Outdoor Decoration.


16 RGB Color-Changing Available : increase to 16 fancy static colors to choose from the remote controller, they are fully dimmable, which means you can program the brightness level of the light to whatever level you require, so that you could program and vary all of the settings from afar.

Good to know before using our led pool lights :

For Waterproof 


  • Please make sure the sealing ring is undamaged, and properly stay in the groove.
  • Please twist the light until it can not be twisted any further, to make it fully waterproof before putting underwater.( Very Important!!! otherwise it will leak)
  • Please dry the lights first before replacing batteries. Because the water outside lights may drop into lights and keep inside the battery case, it will damage the components, and defeat the lights.( Very Important!!!)
  • Please keep the remote dry from water, because it’s not waterproof, water will make it stop working.


For Battery


  • Please don’t use bad quality battery, it will influence the brightness of the light and the working life, and it will harm for the light bulb too.
  • For long time use, we recommend to use rechargeable battery to save batteries and money, recommend brand "Energizer" or "Eneloop",don’t use the brand "Tenergy".
  • Because some rechargeable batteries are a little bit big to insert into the battery case, so it doesn't connect properly, the light will not light up. If the lights don't light up once you insert all 3 batteries, please move the battery to make them connect properly.
  • We don’t suggest using carbon core battery, because it's lightweight, and will make the lights floating.


For Remote Control


  • Please keep the remote dry from water, because it’s not waterproof.
  • Please long press the button "ON" on the remote for about 2 second to activate all the lights. After turning on, no need to long press, the light will be very sensitive to react what you set.( very Important!!!)
  • For underwater using, please keep the remote within 10FT/3M-16.4FT/5M, because water will largely absorb signal, and weaken the signal to the lights.
  • In air, the remote range can reach 164FT/50M and more.
  • We have already improve the signal system, it has further remote range and better reaction which can work for 16.4FT/5M and more underwater.·


For Suction Cups (2nd generation)


  • Can be used in both air and underwater on flat and smooth surfaces.(not rough surface)
  • Please clean the surface before attaching, make sure there is not any stuff between the surface and suction cup, especially remember to remove the lubricant like shower cream, moss etc. ( very Important!!!)
  • We already enlarged the suction cup to larger size and tighter adsorptivity, it's competent to hold lights under 10-16.4ft/3-5m underwater.


For Magnets


  • It’s perfect for any iron place which can be attracted by magnet, especially rough vertical surface, but not for smooth vertical surface, please use suction cup instead.
  • The magnet is strong, but it's better to apply on pure iron surface, alloy may reduce the absorb effect.


In a word, use in correct way is very important, hope you will not miss a good product and seller.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out, we are always here providing prompt response and solutions to you within 19 hours.


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