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Mini Pet Dog Cat Waterproof GPS Locator Pet Tracker Smart Bluetooth Tracking Anti-lost Device

Have you ever lost your pet or have been stressed out wondering whether your pet is home safe? Our Pets GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor is the best all-in-one GPS location tracker for dogs and cats.

✅ Track your pet in real time
✅ Waterproof GPS
✅ 7 days of battery
✅ Small size for all pets


how to use:

1. Download the application "isearching" for free from the official website.

2. Automatic alarm if it exceeds the valid range.

3. Control the mobile phone selfie function.

4. Bluetooth version 4.0, ultra-thin design, easy to carry.

5. Ring and vibration reminder alarm, multiple ring tones can be adjusted.

6. Compatible with Iphone 4s/5, 5s, 5c, ipad mini.ITouch5, ipad 3/4.

7. Replaceable button battery.

8. Bluetooth low energy technology, long battery life up to half a year.

9. Positioning function. It is convenient for you to check the position where the item stays after being disconnected on the mobile phone.

10. A mobile phone can support the management of 7 anti-lost devices at the same time.


1. The new Bluetooth 4.0 technology is adopted, the power consumption is extremely low, the button battery CR2032 is powered, the standby is more than 10 months, and the replacement is also convenient.

2. Support for IOS system and ANDROID 4.3 system or above (requires Bluetooth 4.0)

3. The appearance of the anti-lost device is exquisite and fashionable, with 3 main colors (white, black and blue optional) and can be matched with each other, providing unlimited combination of imagination space.

- Compact size and lightweight design and low energy consumption,handy like a key
ring,easy to carry and use,Keep Your Valuable Things Safe And Within Your Range.
-Multifunction:Anti-lost alarm,remote control function,protect your valuables,kids,pets
from theft or loss.
- Two-Way Tracking:Item finder:- Find your misplaced items by 1 clicking the "bell" icon to ring
the key locator.
For Phone Finder:- Find it by double pressing the key tracker.
-Remote Camera Shutter: Our key locator can also remote control the camera.

Product Specification:
Color: Black/White/Blue/Pink
Size: 42 x 42 x 8 mm/1.6 x 1.6 x 0.3 inch.
Weight: 24g.
Distance: 50-115 ft.
Sound: 80-95db.
Material: ABS.
Batteries: CR2032



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