Pedal Resistance Band, 4-Tube Elastic Pull Rope Fitness Sit-up Equipment, Fitness, Natural Latex Tension Rope Fitness Equipment

  • Multi-Functional Sit-up Equipment : The most powerful exercise equipment! This sit-up exercise equipment can perform a variety of exercises, perfect for arms training, shoulder training, waist training, hips training, and leg training. It's a great tool to lose weight and build your perfect body. An exercise band is suitable for men and women, to shed fat and tone the body, building a strong core and abs. You can adjust the tightness of tubes according to your workout.
  • Meet The Ergonomics Design : This fitness sit-up exercise equipment has super soft foam handles and non-slip NBR pedals, which are safe and environmental friendly, very comfortable, and durable. It can reduce stress and improve joint flexibility and mobility, prevent cervical spondylosis and lower back pain, and build a healthy body for you.
  • High Elastic Pull Rope : Compared with the 2 pull ropes pedal resistance band, 4 pull ropes have better stretching strength and good elasticity. It has the best resistance and stability, not easy to tear and fray.
  • Effective and Durable : Pedal resistance fitness band for the tension rope. This resistance training tool trains your arms, belly, shoulders, legs, and buttocks. It's not just a way to lose fat by exercising with our tummy tuck, it's also a way to shape your body.
  • Portable Fitness Bands : Our home elastic pull rope is lightweight. You can use the Pedal Resistance Band in anywhere of your home, hotel room, office, or even outdoors and shape your body anytime with the fitness equipment.

Multi-Functional Sit-up Equipment

1.Build your perfect body

2.Build a strong core and abs

3.Build your muscle



Pedal Resistance Band

1. Waist training

Sit with your feet on the doormat, hold the handle with your hands, and lie back with your waist thickness so that your body is flat on the yoga mat, repeat a few times, can workout the waist effectively, reduce the waist fat .

2. Shoulder training

Stand straight and put your feet on firm feet. Hold the handle with both hands and pull it up and down firmly. Repeat this several times depending on your situation.

3. Hand training

Lower your feet into a 90 degree curve in the fixed foot, hold the handle and pull it back and forth with your hands. Hold the tensioner in your palms up to work the inner muscles of your arms.

4. Waist training

Lay your body on the yoga mat, holding the handle with both hands, put your feet on the foot and forcefully push your legs forward. Repeat the movements 15 times per group to effectively train your leg muscles and waist strength.



Elastic Pull Rope Fitness Equipment

Handle length: 25 CM

Pedal length: the Maximum length of 26CM


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