Pool Cover Swimming Round Pool Solar, Durable Dustproof Heat Retaining Blanket Cover for In-Ground

This solar pool cover directly sits on the water surface, within the pool's edges, and can keep pool water warm, depending on the amount of direct sunshine. With PE air chambers all over its surface, it has excellent heat-retaining properties. At the same time, it helps reduce the use of chemicals, as well as water evaporation. It can be easily attached or removed from the pool.

With pool cover, you can spend more time swimming in the pool and less time cleaning with the pool cover. When not in use, this aboveground pool cover protects your pool from dust, insects and debris. Swimming pool solar cover uses the energy of the sun to heat water. In this way, you can extend the bathing season by warming the water in advance and keeping the temperature comfortable at the end of the season.

Swimming pool cover
  • 240 cm/94.49 inch
  • 300 cm/118.11 inch
  • 360 cm/141.73 inch.
  • 450 cm/177.17 inch.

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