Outdoor Portable Toilet 6L Camping Potty Caravan Travel Camp Boating


Portable Folding Toilet, Commode Porta Potty Car Toilet, Camping Toilet for Travel, Bucket Toilet Seat for Camping, Hiking

Be prepared for restroom breaks outdoors with our Strong Portable & Foldable Outdoor Toilet and order yours today!

This portable toilet will surely be helpful in difficult situations when nature calls! This Portable Toilet is ideal for camping, fishing, boating, back packing, festivals etc. It can also be used as an emergency toilet for schools, hospitals and aged care centres.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL It can be used not only as a toilet for car or camping, but also a seat with storage function, trash can, small stool, storage box, indoor toilet for the elderly, vomiting bucket for pregnant women, etc


Key Features

  • High-density Polyethylene Construction
  • Lightweight design for easy carrying purpose
  • Large base provides strong stability 
  • An ideal adult size toilet with 6L internal capacity
  • Simply to remove,empty and clean
  • Comfortable height 

Package Contents:

1x Portable Toilet

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