Plant Upright Tying Tapetool,Suitable for All Types of Plants, Without Damaging the Delicate Stems

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Trellis Plants Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible 

    Grow your plants sky-high with the SpeedTrellis® Tapetool. Quickly, safely, and easily. 

    Wrap it around any stake or wire and pull the trigger. The durable tape holds any plant or crop firmly and delicately allowing you to effortlessly guide the growing process.

    •  Trellis in seconds
    •  Save days of backbreaking work
    •  Faster than twisties, zip or rope ties
    •  Works on all types of plants
    •  Doesn't damage delicate stems
    •  Rugged design lasts for years

    What makes so good

    Broad Application

    Guide the growing process of grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, etc.

    Easy Handling

    Just press down and release to tie your plants securely & efficiently.

    Gentle on Stems

    The soft yet sturdy tape won't damage delicate stems like twisties, zip or rope ties.


    Made with Stainless steel instead of brittle plastic. Tape withstands the tug and pull by strong winds and weather conditions.


    The wide bore opening can wrap around a large array of stakes or trellising wires ensuring a stable and secure bind for almost any situation. Within minutes, the trellising work is done!

    What's in the box

    • Package Includes:  1 x SpeedTrellis® Plant Upright Tying Tapetool
    • (optional: 10 x Rolls Of Tying Tape, 10000 x Trellis Staples)


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