Touch Controller For Oculus Quest 2 - Grip Covers With Knuckle Straps

$47.95 $186.27

Oculus Quest 2 controllers More comfortable, more capable

Enjoy your RV games while keeping the instinctive and natural movements of real-life which will greatly enhance your gaming immersion. You can completely release the controller which will be held in your hand thanks to its strap to allow you to catch and throw a virtual object naturally.

Our Touch Controller Grip Cover is made of high-quality silicone which is soft and comfortable on your skin, Adjustable elastic buckle straps are made of elastic fabric and silicone for wear, elasticity, and non-slip, providing comfort and resistance to sweat. The handheld silicone case is firmly connected with the controller.


✅  The grip case is made of high-quality eco-friendly silicone which is non-slip, durable, and comfortable to enhance your gaming enjoyment. 

✅  The magic nylon strap with a metal buckle design makes the knuckle strap adjustable to fit different hand sizes. The rotating rivet allows you to slightly adjust the angle according to different hands or playing actions, adding more flexibility.

✅  The texture of the protective layer increases friction, improves grip, and absorbs sweat. The bottom of the grip cover is lengthened, which is more comfortable for people with large hands to hold and easy to reach all the buttons.


The integrated design makes the grip cover a breeze to integrate into your controller or remove. With 2 safety grommets to secure it, no longer worry about the coverslipping due to vigorous movements.


  • Material: silicone
  • Features: Wireless
  • Item Weight: ‎109 g

Package Included: 1 Pair Of Touch Controller Grip Covers With Knuckle Straps

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