USB Electric indoor fly trap Device automatic fly catcher

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It is summer !! Everyone like it, but there is some worst thing with summer , one of these things is ''Insects''.  even if you don't have mosquitoes or venomous spiders, but the harmless flies and wasps are annoying enough! 

How to get rid of gnats ?
how to get rid of fruit flies ?
how to get rid of flies ?

This is the biggest headache for people

Some scared because they have no idea if they are allergic from Insects . They just terrified. they prefer to move to another place or travel to a cold city or country. so wait, no, wait, you can enjoy your summer in your place !! Here is the solution, This ; Electric Fly Trap. just read and check the product well.

This Automatic Electric Fly Trap is safe, very efficient to get rid of all Insects; flies, mosquitoes or venomous, spiders from your house, your office, anywhere you need it. With the latest technology solution, this electric fly catcher provides maximum efficiency with zero noise or any harms while in use. It won't disturb your activities or your family at all.

How It Works : Put some of the little bag which the package contains or some fruit jam, cookies in the five bait locations on the trap, When the Insects try to feasting , the tool rotating sweeps over them to trap them inside. 



Name:Electric Fly Trap
Material: Plastic
Voltage: DC 5-10V
Frequency: 55/65HZ
Product size: 23*8CM
Type:Fly Trap,Fly Trap Electric, flies Killer, Flycatcher, Insect Catcher, pest reject ,Pest Control Products

Package included:
1 x Fly Trap Device
1 x USB Cable Without Plug

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